Top Ten reasons that Staging your Home for Sale Really Works

Beginning with selling faster and selling for more, here's our Top Ten reasons to use Home Staging:

Top 10 reasons that home staging really works

  1. Homes SELL FASTER when they are staged for sale.
  2. Home SELL FOR MORE money when staged for sale.
  3. A Professional Home Stager is independent and can give an unbiased and unsentimental view of the home - unlike the home owner.
  4. Home Staging gives your home the edge when competing with similar homes for sale.
  5. Home Staging is cheaper than reducing the price by several $thousands£.
  6. Home Staging rooms for the sale photos will get MORE viewers through the door.
  7. Home Staging turns a "stale" property into a HOT property.
  8. Perceived value will increase on a Staged Home.
  9. First Impressions count you have 10 seconds to make your first impression.
  10. Home Staging gives a home that instant WOW factor.

Staging your home for sale WORKS - sell your property FASTER and for MORE!


Source: Home Staging Academy