Graduates of the Home Staging Academy and the British Academy of Home Stagers come from many different backgrounds from all over the world

Robyn Klein   - Robyn has a very international history. While she now lives in Maryland, USA, she studied set design in Rome, Italy, took design classes at FIT in NYC and did a home course with Sheffield School of Design in New York.
    She started her own design business 18 years ago because she wanted to work for herself and has  always had a passion for the visual arts. She has  a business administration degree and her first full time job in the design business was working for Ralph Lauren. She has travelled extensively and worked overseas as a tour operator. On top of all this Robyn has raised three children who are now in their teens. 

Jitka Kobzova  - Jitka lives in London, England now but is originally from the Czech Republic. When her relationship broke down she decided that now was the time for her and she started an interior design business.
    She started to become interested in home staging and wanted to offer home staging as part of her service but was looking for something much bigger. When she started her first program with the British Academy of Home Stagers she had no idea that a massive opportunity was heading her way. She started to research the Czech market and realised that no one had started a home staging business in her home City of Prague.
    She discussed her idea with Tina and they started a one to one weekly coaching program based on the materials offered through the British Academy of Home Stagers e-learning Institute and now Jitka is set-up and running the first home staging and furniture rental business in Prague. Jitka said “the knowledge and experience which I have been able to tap into through the Home Staging Academy has been overwhelming at times, but I am SO glad I came across Tina, she has given SO much of her experience and expertise that has fast tracked my business start-up beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you."

Sharon Fogo   - Sharon has a chemistry degree and previously worked as a Project Manager for several major international chemical companies. Sharon trained with the British Academy of Home Stagers when she was initially considering taking redundancy. She finally took redundancy two years later and she has never looked back.
    "Hi my name is Sharon Fogo. Since training with the British Academy of Home Stagers and starting my home staging business initially part-time and finally full-time after leaving corporate life behind. I can quite honestly say “I’m having a ball!” Apart from the sheer joy of working from home, running my own home staging business has allowed me to indulge in my passion for Interior Design which quite honestly started off as a hobby! Life is never dull with no two days the same. I can be giving advice to an individual desperately trying to sell their home and then the next day working with a property developer creating a stunning Show Home!”

Sean Hallahan   - had already established a home staging business in Australia with his partner Cazz.
    Sean is a former Real Estate Agent and business trainer, and Cazz has a background in architecture and interior design.
    This combination of experience and talent seemed a match made in “home staging heaven”. Sean studied with the British Academy of Home Stagers and from there he set out to hit Australia by storm, with the intention of setting up his own home staging network in Melbourne, and from there to the whole of Australia, watch this space, Sean has big plans.

Juliet Doyle  - Juliet has a passion for property and has renovated 6 of her own properties in the UK and France. Juliet is an experienced estate agent, she has over 20 years experience in the creative industries, and a wide range of professional home styling skills.
    As well as being a graduate of the British Academy of Home Stagers, Juliet is qualified in horticulture and garden design, upholstery and soft-furnishings and display dressing. She has also lectured in floristry and design for Adult Education.

Semona Glace  - Semona was looking to gain a recognised certificate in home staging so she could make an informed decision about starting a business but wanted something low risk that she could fit in around her day job.
    Semona decided that a monthly program would work best for her so she started the Professional Home Staging Certificate on a slower track. She had no experience before and felt a little silly asking how to use a scale rule, but the support she received from the Home Staging Academy was very helpful and understanding and Semona’s confidence grows each time she completes a module.

Louise Elliott   - Louise has been renovating and styling properties for years, and has always made a profit. She has a degree in art, is a qualified Interior Designer, and is  a dab hand with soft furnishings.
    Louise decided to become a Home Staging consultant following 11 years in Retail Management. When she asked friends and family what they thought she should do they all answered 'Interior design'.
    Training with the Home Staging Academy has enabled Louise to fulfil her dream of running her own business and do what she enjoys most - being creative.

Camilla Sillman and Eeva Vähänäkki   -  Before training with the Academy Eeva worked for 15 years as a Marketing Manager in the magazine publishing industry.
    Eeva had a burning desire to create a whole new industry in her home country and so set out to establish the FIRST home staging business in Finland. Joining forces with her friend and colleague Camilla they studied for the International Diploma in Professional Home Staging with the Home Staging Academy and prepared to launch their new business on completion.
    They engaged Tina to fly to Finland to provide support for their business launch which received great national media exposure. “Thank you Tina! We have had many calls and mails this week. Your visit was very useful. Your personality gives the soul to the British Academy of Home Stagers and I hope we can adapt it.”

Pamela Hines  -  Design, style and presentation has always featured in Pamela's career.
    Before training with the Home Staging Academyshe was a showroom designer in the Christmas Industry" in Asia and the Far East for 10 years, and then a photographic stylist, styling lifestyle shots for magazines, catalogues and TV. At the same time she has bought and renovated three houses and is now onto her fourth.

Just a few student comments ....

Emma, Chelmsford - Fantastic! A wealth of knowledge and experience. The best thing for me is the formula of staging.

Bethan, Reading - There was a good balance between "theory" based learning and "experience" based learning. Documentation looks difficult but is very well written and laid out. You can "Dip In". Media and samples are all very helpful. I found the fundamentals of Home Staging the most helpful, with good clarification of my role; what we do and don't do; as well as the practical exercises and assignments.

Amanda, Brighton - The training programme is extremely thorough, lots of information and things to consider in setting my business up.

Beverley, Nottinghamshire - I found the programme very helpful and informative, it was obvious a lot of time and thought had gone into its preparation as there is so much packed in. I will continue to find the material helpul in my business in the future.

Sarah, Wales - I think the quality of the programme is extremely good, and the practical exercises helped to build my confidence.

Brian, Derbyshire - Training material 1st Class.

Josie, London - the training programme was very good and interesting, the style was reassuring and motivating, material was very clear, logical and comprehensive.

Graham, Yorkshire - Lots of information and tools. Gave me the best info about going into business.

Maxine, Surrey - Brilliant, fantastic, outstanding. Found it interesting, informative, loved everything!

Shelagh, Edinburgh - Well organised, good deliverables, great hands on exercises.

Robyn, Texas - What a pleasure to get to know you. You have been a great inspiration to me and I hope we will be able to collaborate together  in the future.

Josie, London  - Thanks for an inspirational three days !

Sarah, Newport - If a fraction of your confidence could rub off on me it would be worth every penny. You are an inspiration! Thank You

Group - To one of you from four of us. Thank you for the fantastic past 3 days and giving us the introduction to pursue our own goals and ambitions.



Source: Home Staging Academy