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How the Home Staging Academy can help your launch your home staging business

What is Professional Home Staging - Free training courseWhat makes the Home Staging Academy different from the other training companies out there, is the tried and tested blend of training techniques, which have been especially designed and structured to help you to learn the fundamental skills required to set up your home staging business.

Through the exclusive Home Staging Academy method of learning, you can realise your dream of becoming a professional home stager.

All training material has been personally written and vetted by Tina Jesson and Jillian Hinds-Williams - founders of the Home Staging Academy.

You will tap into the wealth of knowledge only available from a people who ran their own successful international home staging businesses since 1995.

There has never been a better time to get your home staging business off the ground and flying.  With the home sale market struggling in some areas and booming in others, sellers are trying new ways to market homes and home staging is a big part of the marketing strategy. Real Estate Agents and Realtors are starting to see the benefits of home staging and the positive effect it can have on their listings, their clients and their profits.

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